How to Unlock Bootloader on Realme Phones: Step by Step GUIDE!

Hello there, Today in this article I will show you how to Unlock Bootloader On Realme Phones if you are looking for a complete guide for this so you have come with the right place.

What is Unlock Bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader simply means unlocking the lock of your smartphone. Many smartphone manufacturers turn off their smartphone’s bootloader due to security issues.

By unlocking it, you will be able to install any third-party custom ROM, root, custom recovery in your smartphone, without unlocking you cannot boot or install Custom ROM.

But why? This is because official stock recovery does not allow you to make changes to the system partition.

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Why is Unlock Bootloader Important?

If you want to Root your Realme Smartphones, then your phone must have the bootloader unlocked and installed TWRP recovery, without this you are not able to Root your Realme phones. You can unlock the bootloader without PC, and you can also unlock the bootloader with PC.

This method will work on any Realme device running ColorOS 7 or Realme UI.

So, read this article carefully as we have covered this topic in detail with Step By Step Procedure.

Now, let us know some Advantages or disadvantages Of unlock bootloader.

Pro’s or Advantages of Unlock Bootloader

  • You can easily flash Custom ROM and Custom Recovery on your device
  • And You can easily Root your smartphone.
  • You can easily install TWRP Recovery on the phone.
  • Customize your smartphone According to your needs.
  • Also, You can easily Run Incompatible Apps & Games.

Cons or Disadvantages of Unlock Bootloader

  • The Warranty of your Realme device will be lost.
  • The root can Brick your phone.
  • Unlocking the bootloader of your Realme device will completely Erase all your data and files.
  • You will not receive OTA updates.


  • You will need a PC or laptop and a USB cable.
  • The Unlocking process requires a minimum of 80% Battery.
  • Make Sure to Take Complete Backup Of Android Phone.
  • This guide is only for Realme phones. Do not try this guide for any other phone otherwise, your phone may be bricked.

Downloads Files:

Let’s unlock the bootloader on the Realme phones

Before you unlock your phone, one of the most important things that you need to do on your Smartphone is to Take a complete backup of the Android phone. For this, you can click on the link and follow the our guide.

Unlock Bootloader On Realme Phones

Warning! All the tutorials/ methods shown in this website are Not Tested For Every Smartphone. as the Unlocking process is almost the same for every smartphone.

If anything happens to your smartphone is Not Responsible For any Kind Of Loss and Damage to Your Smartphone. So, try these methods with your Own Risk!

Make sure to Enable USB debugging and OEM Unlocking because unlocking bootloader requires enabling USB debugging and OEM Unlock. Without enabling this option you are not able to unlock the bootloader.

Follow the steps given below to enable these options.

  • First, Go to the Settings of your Realme smartphone.
  • Then go to About Phone of your Realme Devices.
  • Now Tap 7 times on the Version option.
  • Then go back to the main setting page again.
  • Next go Additional settings >> Developer Option.
  • Now open the Developer Option.
  • Then turn on the toggle button OEM Unlock.
  • After that, You have to Turn On USB Debugging from the Developer Option.

Steps to Unlock Bootloader On Realme Phones

First of all, Download “Unlock Tool APK” and install it on the smartphone, you can download it from the download section above.

Apply for Application

  • Now, Open Unlock Tool and Click “Start applying” Button.
  • Then Check the agreement and tap on the “Submit Application” Button.
  • Now, your application will be checked by Realme Server. It takes approximately 1 hour, so wait.

  • After that, You will see the message “Review Successful ” in the app. Now you can proceed to unlock the bootloader.
  • Then Tap on Start the in-depth test from the app.

  • This will automatically reboot your phone into Fastboot mode.

Next, Unlock Procedure

1.) First of all, Download and Setup the ADB and FastBoot Driver on your Windows PC/Laptop. Don’t know how to do it?

Follow the below steps:

  • Download ADB and Fastboot Tool
  • Extract It and Run It
  • Next Press Y/Yes to install ADB and Fastboot or N/No to skip
  • Press Y/Yes to install ADB system-wide or N/No for current user only
  • Again Press Y/Yes to install Drivers or N/No to skip
  • Continue Driver installation


2.) Then, Connect your Realme Smartphone to PC via the USB Cable.

3.) Now go to the folder where you have installed ADB and Fastboot, Otherwise, you can also use the search option to find the ADB folder. and open the command Windows.

Open CMD or Command Prompt in Two Ways:-

  • To do That, Press Shift key + Right Mouse Click on any empty area and then Select the open Command Window. If the command window does not open in this way, then try the second way.


  • Type “cmd” on Search Box and Hit Enter to open CMD.

4.) To check whether your device is connected successfully or not, type the command below on the command window. This will display the connected devices.

fastboot devices

5.) Next, type the following commands below.

adb reboot bootloader
  • Press Enter, type next command
fastboot flashing unlock
  • Press Enter, This command will unlock your Realme Phone Bootloader.

6.) Now come back to your smartphone and press the volume down key to select “Unlock The Bootloader”  and then press power button to confirm.

7.) That’s it! 🙂 You have successfully unlocked the bootloader on your Realme smartphone.

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Final Words:

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked the bootloader of your Realme Smartphone, Now you can Root your smartphone and also Install Custom ROM, TWRP Recovery on your Realme phone.

If you have any confusion or questions related to this guide, let us know in the comments section and I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading this article till the end.

🙂 keep visiting, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

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  1. Hi thanks for this great guide but i have problem
    when i type the command “flashboot device”
    it shows “waiting for devices”
    so can you tell me please what the solution

  2. I can’t install the “Unlock Tool APK” for unlock the bootloader, and besides when I enter the conmmands and reboot in the bootloader it doesn’t shows up the screen and then start the system normaly so I think that I can’t enter in the Bootloader. Do you have any solution for all these things?

    I have Realme 6


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