Common Problems In Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite – SOLUTIONS FIXES!

Hello, how are you? I hope you are having a fantastic day. Today in this article, I have come up with a guide on Common problems in Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite smartphone.

If you are facing any type of issue or problem with Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite smartphone, then you can quickly fix those problems by following our guide.

Xiaomi has recently launched its new smartphone Mi 11 Lite.

This device offers great features in its price range, but many users are facing problems after using this Mi 11 Lite phone.

But don’t worry today I will show you a proven solution to all questions and issues.

Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite Common Issues and Problems

I have discussed various common issues and problems on the Mi 11 Lite. All the solutions that I have shown below are tested and proven methods.

Please read this article till the end, and be sure to understand every method before applying it to your Mi 11 Lite device.

Let’s see the Quick specifications of Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite according to GSMarena:

Display 6.55 inches AMOLED, 90Hz Display Refresh Rate
Resolution: 1080 x 2400
Color Vinyl Black, Tuscany Coral, Jazz Blue
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G (8nm)
CPU: Octa-core 2.3 GHz
GPU: Adreno 618
Storage Variants 4GB+64GB
Rear Camera Triple: 64 MP+ 8 MP+ 5 MP
Front Camera Single: 16 MP Camera
Battery 4250 mAh Li-Po battery
33W Fast charging
Support: USB Type-C
Operating System Android 11, MIUI 12
Sensors Fingerprint (side-mounted), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

Common Problems In Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

Below I have shared various common issues problems and their solutions. These problems are most common on almost every smartphone.

But if you are facing any problem with your phone, then I am sure that today you will definitely get your solution in this guide.

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Incoming Call Not Showing Problem on your Mi 11 Lite

This problem usually has to be faced by many users, I have given some solutions below, please follow it:


  • Restart the phone, then check whether your problem is fixed or not.
  • Then Turn on and Turn Off Flight Mode.
  • Reset the default Phone App Preferences.
  • Make sure to Check the Do Not Disturb mode.
  • That’s It 🙂

A lagging or Slowly User interface on your Mi 11 Lite

Do you feel a slow and sluggish user interface while using your smartphone? If yes, then here is the complete solution for your device. This problem is something that almost everyone experiences. This is the most common smartphone issue and is more common with older phones.

This problem also occurs in new phones, because your RAM (Random-access memory) is full of apps and files that you don’t use or need. Please read all the steps carefully and then apply them on your phone.

How to Fix Lag on the Mi 11 Lite device?

  • If you use any type of antivirus app on your smartphone or use any junk cleaning app, then uninstall it.
  • One thing is universal: when is the phone slow? In 90% of the cases, if your internal storage is Running out or has come to an end, then your smartphone will be slow. So simply free some storage, and your Mi 11 Lite phone will be back to normal.
  • Simply uninstall the app you don’t use.
  • Use the Fast Class 10 Micro SD card on your phone.
  • Sometimes using a custom theme on the phone makes the phone slow.
  • If you use the Third Party Launcher, then this may be the cause of this problem. You should uninstall the Third Party Launcher and use the System Launcher.
  • Use the lite version application like Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, YouTube Go, etc.
  • Update your phone to the latest OS available.
  • Update all your apps whenever an update is available in the Play Store.
  • Following all these steps, if you feel that your phone is still slow, then you try Hard Reset your phone.

With the help of all the steps above, I have discussed all possible solutions so that you can quickly fix the Lag or slow user interface problems on your Mi 11 Lite device.

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Fast Battery Drain on your Mi 11 Lite

If your Mi 11 Lite battery is draining drastically, then you can follow the steps given below. By following the below steps, you can be sure that what is causing the Fast Battery Drain problem on your smartphone.

How to fix fast battery drain on the Mi 11 Lite device?

  • If you have installed apps like Phone Cleaner, uninstall it. Because these apps run in the background and consume your phone’s battery.
  • Download the app from the play store itself. Because third-party apps can contain malware that runs on the phone background and consumes a lot of battery.
  • If GPS is not needed, always turn off GPS.
  • Keeping the phone in power saving mode for a long time also drains the battery quickly.
  • If you have installed an app that claims to increase your phone’s battery backup, then uninstall this type of app.
  • Using high screen brightness settings on the Mi 11 Lite can drastically reduce your battery. So use the phone with average brightness.
  • Clear all your recently used apps from the recent app tab because it drains the battery quickly.
  • If NFC, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi are not needed, always keep them turn off.
  • Following all these steps, if you feel that your phone is still Fast Battery Drain, then you try Factory Reset your Mi 11 Lite.

After following the above steps, I am sure that you will not have to face the battery draining issue again. If you are still experiencing this problem, then contact your smartphone customer support and follow the instructions.

Cellular Network Issue On the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite

If you face cellular network issues on your Mi 11 Lite. And if your phone is not getting the proper signal or the mobile data network is not working, and you see fluctuations on the phone network, then you should try the below steps.

How to Fix Cellular Network Issue On the Mi 11 Lite?

  • Remove SIM card from your Mi 11 Lite device and insert the SIM again.
  • Turn ON airplane mode for 30 seconds, and after a few seconds, turn it OFF again.
  • Reset your network settings.
  • Be sure to restart your Mi 11 Lite once and check if your problem is fixed.

This is a common problem, and you can troubleshoot this problem by following all these steps. If you still have a network problem with your Mi 11 Lite, Then be sure to leave a comment, I will guide you further.

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Heating Problem On your Mi 11 Lite

There are two primary reasons for a smartphone to heat up, one is the phone’s SoC (System On Chip), and the second one is the phone battery. If you are facing a heating problem in your Mi 11 Lite, then you can fix it with few changes.

How to fix heating Problem On your Mi 11 Lite?

  • While charging the phone, remove the phone case.
  • Do not play games while charging your phone, and do not use the phone too much.
  • Charge your Mi 11 Lite with the original charger only.
  • Heating problems are also caused by playing games for a long time on your phone.
  • Do not install third-party apps, always download apps from the play store.
  • Do not overcharge your phone, and this can also cause heating problems.
  • Always keep your Mi 11 Lite updated and keep updating all your apps.

I hope all these steps will reduce your phone’s heating problem and temperature if your phone still has a heating problem, then go to the service center and resolve it.

Apps Opening Slowly On the Mi 11 Lite

This problem is very common because this problem is found in all Android phones, and this problem is basically due to improper RAM management of the phone. If the app in your phone is opening slowly, then follow the steps given below, so that you can solve this problem.

How To Fix Apps Opening Slowly On The Mi 11 Lite?

  • First, check if your phone’s internal storage has enough storage. If not, uninstall the apps you don’t use.
  • Use the lite version application like Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, YouTube Go, etc.. This can reduce more RAM usage on your phone.
  • If you have installed any type of Mod Apps in your Mi 11 Lite, uninstall it immediately.
  • Following all these steps, if you feel that your apps are still opening slowly, then you try Factory Reset Mi 11 Lite.

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Mi 11 Lite Phone unexpectedly shutting down

This problem is common because this problem occurs in all Android phones. In this problem, your phone suddenly turns off. If you are facing this type of problem with your Mi 11 Lite smartphone, then definitely consider the steps given below.

How to fix sudden shutdown in Mi 11 Lite?

  • If the temperature of the phone rises to the maximum level, then it can also be the reason for the sudden shutdown of your phone, so take care of heating issues.
  • Do not use a heavy back cover as this may cause heating problems.
  • Following all these steps, if you feel that your phone is still sudden shutdown, then you try Factory Reset your Mi 11 Lite.

I hope all these steps will solve the sudden shutdown issue on Mi 11 Lite. But you still encounter this issue, then go to the service center and resolve it.

Mi 11 Lite Screen frozen or stuck

You may face this problem while doing a task, playing a game, or making a call. Follow the steps given below to fix this problem.

How to fix screen froze or stuck on Mi 11 Lite?

  • Update your phone to the latest OS available.
  • Simply uninstall, and Force stops the app you don’t use.
  • If you are experiencing this problem while using an app, then you go to Settings> Application Manager Then clear the cache of the app you are facing problems.
  • In the last step, perform a factory reset your Mi 11 Lite smartphone. It can solve all your problems.

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Apps and Games Crashes Suddenly or Unexpectedly on the Mi 11 Lite

If you open an app or game, and that app suddenly closes, then this is a common problem and follow the steps below to solve this problem.

How to fix sudden app crashes on Mi 11 Lite?

  • Update your apps to the latest version.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app. This will fix the app’s sudden crashes problem.
  • If your phone has Power Saving Mode Enabled, then Disable it.
  • If you are experiencing this problem while using an app, then you go to Settings> Application Manager Then clear the cache of the app you are facing problems.

The above steps can be used to solve this problem. If you are still facing this problem, then leave a comment mentioning your problem.

Apps not downloading from the Play Store on Mi 11 Lite

How to Fix Apps not downloading from the play store on Mi 11 Lite?

Sometimes this problem occurs due to the new update of the Play Store. This is a common problem that you may have to face. You can find a solution to this problem with the steps given below.

  • First of all, reboot your phone and see if your problem is resolved or not.
  • Clear the Play Store local search History.
  • Go to Settings then go to App Manager and clear Play Store Cache.

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Fingerprint sensor problem on your Mi 11 Lite?

How to Fix Fingerprint sensor problem on Mi 11 Lite?

  • First of all, clean your hands, because there may be a problem due to dust or debris on the fingers.
  • Clean the fingerprint scanner with a soft cloth, and then check that your problem may be solved.
  • Remove the saved fingerprint from your phone, and add a new fingerprint again.
  • If the above measures are not working, then factory reset the phone can solve this problem.

Make sure to backup all your important files and data before performing a factory reset. Here’s the guide to Backup of Android Phone.

Here I have covered all the issues and problems regarding the Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite smartphone and try to fix them. If you still have any other problems with your Mi 11 Lite, then leave a comment below, and I will update the article.


So, I have shown you the complete guide on how to fix Common problems in Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite.

I hope you find this article useful and you are able to solve the problem on your Mi 11 Lite device.

If you have any doubts or questions related to this guide, then make sure to drop a comment, and I will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

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  1. I have a cellular network problem. I already did what you told but its no use. My signal suddenly disappeared and appear while i was browsing. Then when i off my data and then i turn it on the 4g doesnt show up . What should i do? Does updating my phone will help? Thank you!

  2. when i use mi 11 lite for whatsapp video call, after several minutes the screen will dark out and then the video call disconnected.

    I did clear cache and reinstall once, but its same even i did update to MIUI 12.5 .
    Do you have any solution? thanks

  3. When I press the power button on the side to turn off the screen, the phone instantly reboots. Same if I want to turn on the screen using the power button, the same also happens. Known issue? Can we solve this!

  4. Tried network problem fix but still did not fix it. The check icon in my apn setting is blinking whenever my mobile data is on, very slow data, very slow in receiving messages, very slow sending text.

  5. My mi 11 lites fingerprint sensor isnt working and in CIT it is failing. Under settings>passwords and security, fingerprint option isnt available, it only shows screen unlock, face unlock and Bluetooth unlock

        • If there is no option for fingerprint unlock, that is a hardware failure. You have to replace the power button. Commonly happens on Mi 11 Lite, but they fixed it on Mi 11 Lite NE.

    • when making a call, the voice of the person we are calling we do not hear what he is saying, sometimes okay, sometimes not, and it is often not heard

      • I am also facing the issue while calling. I can hear the calling tone and once call is attended, I am not able to hear what other person speaks. I need to dial again. Please let me know if your issue is fixed.

  6. Recently i want to change my finger password after closing the app than open again finger lock option not seen it is gone how i am going to fix this issue and recover finger lock option

    • This problem happens to everyone, “If you open an app, you will get a lock, then if you immediately close that app and open it again, you will not get the lock.”

      Don’t worry, this problem will fix itself.

  7. If i play a game or using a app, and then change to another second app then the fist app stops and i need to restart the first app. Like the ram got filled up. My other phones does not do this with same ram.

  8. People have been trying to call me but all they hear is the phone is unreachable or all calls has been blocked by owner! What should i do

  9. Time to time my screen goes black and I cannot turn the screen on. I can hear it unlocks by the sound of it but there are no images. I tried to connect to charge during this black screen no image came out. I also called the phone from another phone and there was no vibration or a sound from it. I don’t know what can be the source of the problem. Can you advise ?

  10. Hello! May I ask if what’s the problem with my phone? There’s like a sound of motorboat everytime I record a video in any apps. I don’t know what happened and what to do. I hope you can help me with this matter asap. Thank you!

  11. Hi, please I’m facing a network problem with my Mi 11 lite. I followed the instructions but nothing. Can you help me please?

  12. 4g signal is strong , check this with other phones , but it downloads date like a 2 G phone . measures less than 500kiloBits per sec.
    New phone

  13. My phone off and in button stoped few days ago and not fixed even doing factiry reset.
    Now today it screen faded only back ,central and third button is showing ,a small dip of light on both corner is shown.
    In a warnty year ,this phone has several issues but this time it made my day worst .
    Huge disappointment.

  14. My mi 11lite is getting no bars (no signal) it still tells me I have a voicemail message so I believe it’s reading the sim card and I know the card works cuz I put in another phone and no problem at all. But zero bars on my mi 11 lite 5g be. Please help

  15. hi. i am having problems with my selfie camera…. that’s the only issue i encountered after using my m11 lite for a year now. i tried resetting all defaults but still to no avail. i do hoe you cold help me with this as i am using my fone for our business and i really love this fone. thank you


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